Something Gothic This Way Comes!

It's Halloween - and that means a celebration of all things creepy, ridiculous, and Gothic - and in particular, a celebration of Nachtsturm Castle.

To help you sort out all the blogs, sales, and give-aways, I'll list them here - editing as events are added.

Book Review
  • You can read Indie Jane's review of Nachtsturm Castle, wherein we wonder Just How Much Henry Tilney Actually Planned.
  • You can also join in the conversation on Twitter wondering the same!
Talking Austen
  • Was Austen romantic or practical?  Who's her hottest hero?  And why have monsters of every sort been creeping into her paraliterature?  I'm Talking Austen at the Jane Austen Book Club!
Guest Blog
  • Do you dream of brooding heroes and flimsy negligees?  Do you like a little danger with your romance?  Are you gearing up for NaNo with no plot in sight?  Never fear!  How to Write Your Own Gothic Novel is here at Indie Jane!
  • has put the e-copy version of Nachtsturm Castle on-sale for only .99!  The sale closes at midnight on Halloween - so hurry over to pick up your copy today!
  • However, if you've find that your evil uncle has forced you to wander the countryside penniless - and worse! - without your library, you can enter to win a free e-copy of Nachtsturm Castle on Indie Jane or My Jane Austen Bookclub just by leaving a comment!
Perfectly Horrid Stories on Free Friday
  • Check back here, to O Beauty Unattempted! for Free Fridays and this week's Gothic offering.  (You can read last week's gentle poke at the Zombification of Pride and Prejudice, "Disarming Mr Darcy" here!)  
  • This week, in honour of Nachtsturm Castle, I'll be releasing an expanded version of Chapter IV, "Which brings us, by means of the Mediterranean, to the Alps; In the manner of a Travel Journal" wherein our heroes journey briefly to Florence, and which sheds some lights on the mystery of How Much Henry Planned!  (Perfectly readable and largely spoiler-free, whether one's read the novel or not!)
A Very Gothic Travelogue!