Nachtsturm Castle: Monsters are Real

Hooray!  Hooray!  Nancy Kelley reviewed Nachtsturm Castle today! 

EDITED TO ADD: is putting Nachtsturm Castle on-sale this week only for .99 for an e-book copy.  The sale lasts until Halloween at midnight.  Get your copy today!

A snippet of the review here:
Nachtstürm Castle was a delight to read. Snyder dances a fine line, weaving a tale of truly Gothic proportions while still maintaining something like the tongue in cheek humor Jane Austen used in mocking those same novels.

In Northanger Abbey, Jane Austen, by presenting us with an heroine who sees murder around every corner, shows us how very ridiculous those gothic notions are. In Nachtstürm Castle, Emily C.A. Snyder, by presenting us with an heroine determined to be perfectly sensible, shows us how terrifyingly real monsters are.
 You can read the whole post here!  And you can see the wonderfully ironic picture she took below.