Free Friday: Disarming Mr Darcy

Welcome, mes dames et monsieurs to the first Free Friday here at O Beauty Unattempted!  This week, in honour of Halloween, I thought I'd share with you a spoof of Pride and Prejudice (and Zombies) and mash-ups in general.  EDIT: Alas, Disarming Mr Darcy is now no longer available.  BUT...

If you liked it, get thee to and purchase a copy of Letters of Love & Deception, which is full of Austenesque short stories, including all the Villains in a game of Clue ("It was a Dark and Stormy Night") and the another parody of monster mash-ups ("Pride and Paraliterature")!

And make sure to check out all the Free Fridays!

 Note: This story was inspired by something Nancy Kelley wrote, dedicated to Erica McFarland who laughed at bad puns, and the ridiculously quick doodle is for the pleasure of Jennifer Becton.


  1. I pretty much laughed through the entire thing. Well done, Emily! Well done indeed!


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