Gothic Novels and Pumpkin Scones

We're nearing Halloween, folks, which means that it's time to break out the pumpkin scones, spice up your apple cider, model your Oh So Fahbulous costume, and settle down with a Gothic novel.

Fortunately, there's two Gothic novels available for you from There Must Be Murder by Margaret C. Sullivan (who kicked off our Teatime Ten which will be returning next Tuesday to bring you interviews from your favorite authors)...and Nachtsturm Castle: A Gothic Austen Novel from yours truly.  Even better?  There's two chances to win a copy of both books! has a book giveaway of both novels (two copies of There Must Be Murder and one of Nachtsturm Castle), and a super-secret site will have another copy of Nachtsturm Castle available later on.

Also! To satisfy your love of all things Austen and alarming, we have some exciting news!

  • Keep an eye out on for a review of Nachtsturm Castle (by, I believe, the very funny Nancy Kelley herself - see picture above), as well as a guest blog from yours truly on "How To Write Your Own Gothic Novel."  
  • Right now, you can join in the on-line book club read of Northanger Abbey on Indie Jane's discussion boards.
  •  Upcoming at the Jane Austen Book Club, I'll be talking Jane Austen and all things Gothic and Northanger-y with Maria Grazia (whom you'll get to hear from in an upcoming Teatime Ten!)
  •  If that isn't enough, I'd love to introduce the limited-time run of Free Fridays.  Every Friday, I'll post a free short story, scriptlet, chapter or excerpt, to help you get through those last weekday hours.  However, each post will only be available for 30 days - so make sure you stop back every Friday for some fun!
Hope to see you there!  And I'll see you back here Tuesdays and Fridays and all!


  1. Hah! I was scrolling down my list of blogs, and there was a very familiar picture! Yes, I will be reviewing the amazing and wonderful Nachtsturm Castle for Indie Jane next week. I suppose I just spoiled the ending of the review, didn't I? ;)

  2. I'm such a nerd. I was like, hey isn't that Nancy's Kindle? How do I even know this? I was all confuzzled for a moment.

    Yes! Indie Jane is giving away some fun NA stuff! JOIN US OR DIE. Or something not quite dying, but still!

  3. Oh man! Where's the pumpkin scone recipe! Haha! I've been over to IndieJane, I hope to win one of those great books or possibly that cool neckless! :)

  4. OMgosh! I think I'm getting all these giveaways mixed up! Lol! Sorry.


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