Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dreaming of Midsummer

One of the great pleasures I have in theatre is making posters for my plays.  What I've realized, though, is that no matter what one's "concept" for a show (particularly Shakespeare), at least the better known shows just want the Iconic Image.  Macbeth really ought to just be Mackers, some sharp instrument, considerable blood, and a crazy-hot wife.  Romeo and Juliet is just Romeo and Juliet.  If the Nurse is on the poster, there's a problem.

Similarly, although our Midsummer's is beginning to explore questions not only of love, but also of trust.  There's all sorts of neat stuff happening in rehearsal.  However, for the purposes of the poster, people really want to see a fairy and a donkey.  Which is all right by me!  Hence, without further ado, the Facebook cover (make-up courtesy of my assistant stage manager, and former Katherina Minola).

And now the official poster!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Beer and Benediction: Or How CAUSE Began

Today I'm guest blogging over at CAUSE's (Catholic Artists of the United States Effect) new blog!  Make sure you check out:

Beer and Benediction

And then leave your own story.  What do you as an artist really need?  How can CAUSE serve you?