Dueling Fitzwilliams: Presumption Preview!

In conjunction with IndieJane's Dueling Fitzwilliams, I'd love to preview the first chapter of my in-progress novel starring Col. Fitzwilliam and Maria Lucas from Pride and Prejudice.

Read it here.

Or you can read it below by pressing the fly out arrow at the top right of the embedded PDF file! Enjoy!

You can read Col. Fitzwilliam's answers over on IndieJane!

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  1. Wow! What an awesome preview, Emily. Your colonel is quite different from mine, but he's still true to Jane's... isn't it interesting how that can be true?

  2. I find it fascinating! And I'm really looking forward to his other incarnations...hitting my forehead going, "Of COURSE he's a spy!" or "Of COURSE he's a brooder like his cousin!" I love how broad Austen's characters are!

  3. I love the leaping-into-the-rosebush scene!


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