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No Sleep 'Til Windsor!

I've been what I call a "working playwright" for most of my life.

By which I mean that of the hundred or so plays I've written, all but a handful of them have been produced - which means that all but a handful of them have had really hard deadlines of dates when people were going to show up and start enacting your words whether you were ready or not, and soon after loads of other people were going to show up to watch them.

Now, I didn't think much about it when I was doing this in high school.  Mostly, then, I just didn't want to do lousy camp counselor skits, and so I told everyone that I'd write something for them - which meant directing it - which meant taking a role or two myself.  Ignorance is truly bliss.  And five year olds aren't literary agents.

When I went back to high school, this time to teach, it was easier to just write a play to spec as well.  Great!  The Sophomore class has fourteen women and maaaaybe two men?  Play can't be over …

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