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TEATIME TEN: Zelda Knapp

Welcome back to the Teatime Ten, an author interview series!  Today we have the wonderful Zelda Knapp, author of This Is What They Made It Out Of: tales from the end of the world, theatre critic at A Work Unfinishing, and host of the Buffy and Veronica Mars rewatch, Once More With Extreme Prejudice.

BOOK GIVE AWAY!  Comment to win one free copy of This Is What They Made It Out Of.  Make sure to check back next week to see if you won!

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself!

At Derek Delgaudio's show, In & Of Itself, there's a wall of identity cards in the lobby, and each audience member is invited to select one. The range is expansive and whimsical, including things like Bookkeeper, Mother-in-Law, and Unicorn. I chose Storyteller. I love stories; I love telling a story, and I love being told one. Part of what I love about live theater is the infinite range of stories to be told, and the infinite ways to tell them. As a writer, my love of stories has manifested in an e…

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