Duels and Doodling

In honour of Indie Jane hosting the Dueling Fitzwilliams, here's a very quick sketch I did of my own humble offering of the "by-the-book" Colonel, in the forthcoming novel, Presumption.  This particular sketch is dedicated to Jennifer Becton, whose encouragement in this pursuit has persuaded me to finish the edits so as to make the book available in 2012!

If you can't wait for Presumption's release, why not curl up with Letters of Love & Deception, which is released from Girlebooks.com this Monday, Sept. 19th...and which is currently holding a book give-away here.  And if Monday's too far away, you're in luck because Nachtsturm Castle: A Gothic Austen Novel a sequel to Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey is already available from Girlebooks!
By the by, Jennifer will be stopping by on Tuesday, Sept. 27 for the Teatime Ten, in very good company with Vera Nazarian who will delight us this Tuesday, Sept. 20, and Meredith Esparza and Margaret C. Sullivan who have already joined us for tea and company!

And if you're a Austenesque/Regency author, and would like to be interviewed for the Teatime Ten, please do drop me a line or a comment or a tweet!  I'll be featuring Regency/Austenesque Authors every Tuesday at least through the end of 2011.


  1. So fun! I cannot wait for your Col. Fitzwilliam. He sounds so yummy.

  2. too FuN ! will be waiting... {drinking tea while waiting though!} can't wait without it =))

  3. Love the art! Your Colonel fascinates me, Emily. I cannot wait to read your completed book.

  4. What a lovely sketch! Congratulations on your book - I can't wait to read it!

    By the way, I'm a Regency author :-) And I'm working on my two next Regencies in letters.

  5. Thank you all for such encouragement! And Farida, do you mean your next two are epistolary? I *flove* epistolary novels!

  6. Emily,

    Me too! I adore epistolary novels and my next two Regencies are all about letters :-))

  7. Wow! I am honored! That is an awesome sketch. (My sketches look like stick figures, even the ones I really work hard on.) I am now going to link this on my blog. You have been warned. :)


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