Save the Date!

Teatime Ten with Meredith Esparza, 

Duelling Fitzwilliams at IndieJane,

Letters of Love & Deception

Book Giveaways,

and Gothic Madness!

Save the date for some upcoming, exciting (literary) events!

    TOMORROW!  Tuesday, September 13: 
    • Meredith Esparza from Jane Austen Reviews, who gave us the Austenesque Extravaganza, joins us for the Teatime Ten!  Find out what books Meredith would take with her to a desert island, how the Austenesque Extravaganza happened, and much more!  While you're waiting for tomorrow to come, you can read Margaret C. Sullivan's wonderful interview for the inaugural Teatime Ten!
    Wednesday, September 14:   
    • Join me for Duelling Fitzwilliams...that's Colonel Fitzwilliam to you!...with the lovely ladies at IndieJane.  My Colonel Fitzwilliam answers their questions this Wednesday, followed for the next few Wednesdays with duelling visions of Miss Bennet's would-be rival.  In conjunction with that, I'll be debuting the first chapter of the draft of my in-progress Col. Fitzwilliam novel, PresumptionAs a bonus...look for a guest blog on Gothic and Austen novels in October at IndieJane!
    Wednesday, September 14: 
    •  ALSO!  In preparation for the release of Letters of Love & Deception, we'll be hosting a great Book Giveaway!  Each day from Wednesday until LOL&D's release next Monday, look for a Jane Austen quiz here on this blog.  Put your answers in the comments, and if you answer correctly (or really amusingly!), your name will be put into a raffle to win a copy of Letters of Love & Deception in your choice of e-book format!  We'll be giving away six books altogether - one for each of Austen's novels: five copies of Letters of Love & Deception and one copy of Nachtsturm Castle.  So brush up your Austen, and break out the witticisms and join in the fun!  Because Letters of Love & Deception is available from on:
    Monday, September 19!
    And for those of you in the Boston area...!

    Monday, September 19: 
    •  The first cold reading of my latest ten-minute iambic pentameter play, Turn to Flesh, about Medusa's final moments before she dies at Perseus' hands, premieres in Cambridge, as part of the Small Theatre Alliance of Boston's Open Mic.  If you're in the area, join us!



    1. Giveaways? Sweet!

      You've got lots of excellent stuff coming up--I particularly like the idea of a sneak peek of your novel along with your Col. Fitzwilliam survey on Wednesday.

    2. I'm excited! And even more excited to see how the other Fitzwilliams answer your last question! I love my dear Colonel...but he is so by the book - seeing the world in straight lines!

    3. Oh, I imagine his answer to the questions (especially the last one) will be quite different from my Fitzwilliam's then. Richard's not exactly a maverick, but he IS a spy, and that line of work tends to draw the unconventional.

    4. Nom nom nom...Fitzwilliam's a spy!!?!?!!? (And he's also named Richard? Too wonderful!)


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