Hello, Young Authors Whomever You Are

'Twas the Friday before Christmas, and despite all the fuss
Emily got up way early to jump on a bus
First hour she slumbered; in the second she droned;
Until in the third she turned on her phone,
Fired up the wi-fi and suddenly saw
Her play had been published!  She whispered: "Huzzah!"
Soon after the news came in a separate email
That the long-delayed audiobook was finally for sale.
"Phew!" Emily muttered, and sent out the news,
Awaiting the fun of her Facebook reviews.

But when she got home to her nephews and nieces
She forgot all about her latest releases.
After all, she was far from her first publication,
And so she forgot to include jubilation.
"It's curious," she pondered, as she blogged late at night.
"But I guess that's what happens when your career is to write.
It's not you're not happy when something's come out,
But after the first, it seems silly to shout.
And besides, whatever you're writing at present gives grief,
So something else published is an instant relief.

"But still," Emily thought, as she paused on her keyboard,
"Had I been younger, my heart would have soared!
Two releases, one day? My first audiobook?
I should climb on a rooftop and shout out, 'Hey!  Look!'
Why aren't I giddy?  I shouldn't be lacksidazing!
How blessèd am I?  TWO RELEASES?  Amazing!"

The branches outside, though, were all covered in ice
And besides the neighbors thought it not nice
When women climbed rooftops to shout to the sky:
"I'm really an Author!  Oh, Mr. Williams...hi..."
So down to the basement she started with glee
To log onto the blog of one Emily
And shout (very quietly) to folks large and small,
"Happy release day to us!  And Merry Christmas to all!"


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