Macbeth on the Beach

To make a living as a director, sometimes you have to have lots and lots and lots of projects going at once.  I'm not quite finished with Tempest - and already I have to think about the next few projects!  I'll be doing:

  • The Light Princess with Hudson High School (from the George MacDonald story, adapted by me...over Thanksgiving Break!).  This is the same group I'm doing Tempest with...and with whom I've done A Comedy of Murders, Tartuffe, Curses! (and No Boys Allowed and Crying Wolf), The Romancers, Little Women, Pink Noir, I Never Saw Another Butterfly, Our Town, and Wallace's Will.

  • Civil War Stories with the Framingham Community Theater, with whom I did Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None, and my original dinner theatre, Heirs & Errors.  CWS is written by FCT, taken from actual source documents.

  • And, last but certainly not least, Macbeth in Concord, MA, with Theater 906.  It's Mackers on the Beach, Murder on the Boardwalk, castles of sand, rivers of blood, and I'm terribly excited.  The idea is that we tend to go to Mackers thinking only of how well we know the lines, and not how terrible and tragic the loss of life is.  We recite the deaths, we look on Macbeth's rise and fall with a literary eye, we smile and applaud.  And then we do the same in real life.  I want, by softening the look of the show, to stab the audience's nerves awake.  Here's the poster.  I'm rather proud of it!