Today's Austenesque Twitter Party was a grand success! If you missed it this Sunday, you can still check it out every Sunday in August at 4 p.m. EST. I highly recommend you do!

Fortunately, you can visit the above link to see what was twittered about today, or you can check out Patrice Sarath's blog for more information! (My personal favorite part was the idea of Deulling Col. Fitzwilliam!)

And as always, all thanks must go to Meredith at Austenesque Reviews for hosting the August Austenesque Extravaganza! There's still more August left...don't miss out!

It was also hinted at some exciting news from and yours truly! Yup, you can keep an eye out for a collection of Jane Austen short stories, coming your way in the next few months.

Shards of Ivory
Austenesque Short Stories including:

  • A Very Persuasive Correspondance
    What were the devious Mr Elliot and Mrs Clay conspiring during the events of Persuasion? An epistolary novella.

  • Miss Bates' Something Blue
    Why was Miss Bates Miss Bates for so long? We glimpse the corners of her earlier life and a love long lost.

  • Several short stories examining "what if" all of Austen's villains met...or her sprightly heroines...or all of her lovelorn heroes...or all of the girls who didn't get their man...or all the dowagers in their cattishness...and all of the knights who wisely repair to the club! AND...!

  • Pride and Paraliterature
    Lizzy and Darcy are enjoying their happily ever after...when they find themselves rewritten in torrid romances, multiple typoes and monsters from the deep. Can they survive the paraliteraturists love to regain happily ever after?
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    1. I had fun chatting with you today, Emily, and I'm looking forward to your new book. Nachtsturm Castle is next on my TBR.

      Oh, and you will definitely be hearing from me re: Dueling Colonel Fitzwilliams. Jess loved the idea, so we've got to put something together this fall.


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