Paging Mr. Tilney

Somehow*** I missed Margaret C. Sullivan's delightful blog writing for actually from Mr. Henry Tilney himself!

As a devotee of Da Man (although just a humble acolyte compared to the High Priestess, Ms Sullivan!), it simply cannot be missed.

The good reverend may not be accepting queries anymore, but you can read what he wrote to others. And, of course, make sure you check out everything at the Austenesque Extravaganza this month!

(And check out this delightful Da Man petit four as well!)

***The reason I missed the post originally is that Mr. Tilney deigned to answer questions at the same time as Mr. William Shakespeare had my full attention with Gaudete Academy's production of As You Like It!

I missed his good humour, but he missed Bill's - so all's fair in love and tea.