An Austenesque Authorial Adventure!

Or: What I Did On a Tuesday in Bath Marlborough
A Photo-Journal by a Giddy Authoress

A former student of mine had alerted me that Nachtsturm Castle had been seen at Borders - the very place where I'd revised the novel in 2009, and written so many plays.

So, I asked if it would be all right if I signed them, and they brought me to the backroom and put stickers on the books that some crazy lady had scribbled on the title page. ;P

And then, much to my delight and surprise, they put the novels up on a column! (Which meant I saw people actually pick up the book and buy it.) Hurrah!


  1. Wow! That's... I dream of something like that happening to me.

    By the way, Henry and Catherine just read through the first batch of letters, and Henry was cut off asking Catherine (I assume) if she thinks he arranged the whole adventure. The plot thickens!

  2. Well, I'll tell ya - it just took going to my local bookstore (several months ago!) and letting them know I was a local author. They ordered 10 books immediately! However, with Borders closing *sniffff!* I thought the books might be returned or at least never cross the threshold of the door. How wrong was I?! So, I do encourage others (myself included) to be bold about going to bookstores. Local authors means a better chance of a sale for them, I imagine - so win-win!

    As for Catherine and Henry...better than the above adventure is knowing that someone's enjoying one's novel. You make me giddy, lady!


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