On the Importance of Hiring Artists

Yesterday, it was brought home to me the value and importance of hiring a REAL artist for the job.
My old theatre professor at Franciscan University of Steubenville, one Mr. Shawn Dougherty, always taught us in shop class: "Use the right tool for the work. If you need to nail something down, use a hammer not a screwdriver. Use the right tool, and then you can do the work."

So in the same way, when we first began Turn to Flesh Productions four years ago(!!!) with co-founder Michelle Kafel-Cintron, I did the design logo to the best of my abilities, which was maybe like using a TOY hammer to nail something down, but nothing like hiring someone who's pursued the fine arts with passion and talent.

This year, however, I was thrilled to be able to commission Julie Kersting to update the TTF logo of a statue turning to flesh. (You can commission her through Artist Ave by Julie Kersting!).

I'm honored, humbled and grateful to have Julie's glorious art grace our pages.

Now go forth, and hire a real artist!