Beauty and Bariatric Surgery

(For those who don't know, in April 2017, Emily had bariatric surgery to assist her in losing weight.  This is taken from a Facebook entry.)

Hai, guys! I'm pretty!

Now: what you may not understand is that this beauty is a concept many of you have been working hard, like a cement drill to the cranium, to work into my head. Three years ago, one person finally broke through (thank you, person) - and broke through when I wasn't thin (thank you, even more significantly, for that, too).

Now, though, as I'm watching Myself appear, like Michaelangelo's carvings from the stone, it's been really gratifying to have a number of you come up and say: "You were always beautiful, but now you're happy." It's funny: those same words from separate mouths. It's the first part that sticks: words I couldn't hear (or you didn't say?); words that stick now like butterflies flocking to the soul. And I appreciate them. Thank you. 

I suppose, yes, I'm mostly happy now. I do not think I am disposed towards unhappiness in general. But perhaps it is more evident at present. (And truth to tell, the past three years were HARD. So if you've seen me in a constant state of stress or with my guard up to the ceiling since then, and have only known me briefly, that may be why the change of smile seems more significant.)

Regardless, folks: the relief to take a photo, and NOT hold the camera to the sky. The relief to see one's own reflection, or the shadow as you pass, and not wince but look and look in admiration. The sheer FUN of seeing this Renaissance body emerge, and maybe every decade will just be a new beginning, until that ultimate Beginning when we truly become who we were supposed to have been...

I'm grateful. And thank you for indulging this heady trip through the looking glass. Thanks for all the "Hey, skinny!" greetings. For the clothes and the encouragement. For celebrating this wacky ride with me. Let's all be young at heart and in love with each other forever, mmmmkay?