How to Write Your Own Jane Austen Novel

So, you want to write a Jane Austen novel?  But where to start?

My article, Deconstructing Jane is now available at Maria Grazia's blog, My Jane Austen Bookclub!  And lucky comes with a giveaway just in time for Christmas of Letters of Love & Deception, a collection of Austenesque stories sure to please fans of all of her books.

In Deconstructing Jane, you will learn all about the:
  • Heroine (spunk a plus; strength a necessity)
  • Hero (a man of upstanding and outstanding virtue)
  • Foils (those who steal the hero away, and those who steal the audience)
  • Clergy (from silly to serious, a must in any Austen novel)
  • Military (often luckless in love, but happy to help!)
  • Nobles (inadvertent assistants to Cupid's designs)
And much more!
Maria recently joined us for the Teatime Ten, and was good enough to host me on her blog Talking Austen.  Maria, along with Katherine Cox, and over thirty other Austen bloggers, will be hosting a Jane Austen Birthday Soiree this Friday - I hope to see you there!


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