Directors can be Playwrights, too!

Preach it, Jeffrey Sweet!

There's a saying that never, ever, ever under ANY circumstances should a playwright be allowed to direct their own works.  And while it's true that some of the pieces of mine I've directed I need a little bit more time and perhaps another pair of eyes to help out in round two, by and large, I find that I can playwright/revise better when I do it in the rehearsal room.  As Mr. Sweet put it:

Also it mustn't be forgotten that some people write in rehearsal as they direct.  Their writing process is to direct....Writers who are also directors may indeed face the problem of objectivity as they stage their own stuff, but many others have the discipline and professionalism to know how to adjust for this. That's what you have other collaborators for – the actors, the designers, the producer, and the rest of the people in the room who are presumably there because they know something about how to make theatre.  Directors with any sense will pay attention to and solicit advice from colleagues.
 Check out his entire article!  And then his blog. Good stuff!