Saturday, August 25, 2012

Maternity Wardens

So, due to - y'know - moving to New York City, holding down a full-time job before that, and then directing/producing A Midsummer Night's Dream prior to that (phew!) all in the month of August, 31 Plays in 31 Days has gotten less attention from me.

Wall and Thisbe from "A Midsummer Night's Dream" 2012
However, I did manage to write a play based on something I saw on the NYC subway a few days ago.  There was this real Wall Street guy sitting across from me.  Handsome, but with a very stern face, like he was refusing to grant the world a smile.

However, next to him was this adorable little Oriental girl in a stroller.  She wasn't doing anything particularly noteworthy, just sitting there being four years old, but she caught the eye of Wall Street man.  And he started grinning at her.  A little duckling of a grin.

His eyes became softer.  One could almost see stars and pink roses and fluffy forest creatures emanating out of his gaze as he looked at her.  It was both beautiful and highly amusing how much Wall Street Man melted.

We came to a stop, and Wall Street man immediately put on his sour look again.  He caught my eye, and his face become more poker like.  Not trying to dissuade him, I glanced away - still keeping the guy in my periphery - and sure enough, as soon as the train started up again and everyone become pointedly anonymous, his gaze went right back to that little girl and his face expressed "Oh!  If only!"-ness.

A few stops later, Wall Street Man went off...and was immediately replaced by Wall Street Man #2.  This fellow was buffer, cooler looking.  He didn't look stern; his poker face read Bored, Now.

But sure enough - one look at that little girl in her stroller, and Buff Wall Street Man melted into daisies and candy canes and wistfulness and yearning as much as Dour Wall Street guy had.

Hence, this play.  Enjoy!

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