Sunday, January 8, 2012

House of Strangeways: Memories of Stone

We're nearing the end of the first volume of The House of Strangeways, in this week's chapter: "Memories of Stone."

Do be warned: although no bodices are ripped in any fashion, some liberties are taken.  Victorian liberties, but liberties nonetheless.  Best read with chocolate by your side.

In the next chapter (which you can read here), we'll learn more about the locksmith from Araminta!  The picture from below is somehow involved, as well as the signature of the artist in the lower left corner.

To catch up on the House of Strangeways you can read it all here.  And make sure that you also check out the website!  You can press the fly-away in the top left corner below, or read the first part of the latest chapter here.

Also, it's entirely likely that - due to the obligations of the two shows I'm directing - Free Fridays will be posted somewhere between Friday and Sundays at least through Easter.  See you then!

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