Saturday, January 21, 2012

House of Strangeways: Letters Left Unopened

This week's House of Strangeways we look at those letters that we should have read, but that we foolishly left unopened.  Particularly those from Aunt Esmeralda to our miss Serafine Meadowlark!

UPDATED TO ADD: Just so you know, next week the game will be expanded...and you'll have to look for the ivy engraved on the lintel for the chapter.

Remember that you can read all of the previous chapters here, and this week's chapter here or by pressing the fly-out arrow in the top right corner.

If you're looking for the first appearance of Aunt Esmeralda, the Hungarian Marquess, make sure you read her debut chapter, Voices of the Dead.

You can also get exclusive clues, games and more at the official website!

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  1. Whoo-hoot! Mr. Stryke appears by note, Aunt Esmeralda remains intriguing, and Miss Meadowlark is not yet heard from! A magnificent plot thickening! Time for the next part!