Friday, November 18, 2011

Free Friday Tempest-Tossed!

I'm afraid that there's no Free Friday this week, because Tempest performs this weekend...but we'll be back in time for Thanksgiving!

EDIT: The reading period for Disarming Mr Darcy is now concluded, but you can catch up on all the Free Fridays!

And if you liked Disarming Mr Darcy, take a look at the last short story of Letters of Love & Deception - wherein Mr Darcy Does Not Sparkle.

EDIT: In further good news, the Teatime Ten will return this week with Maria Grazia from My Jane Austen Bookclub!

Enjoy and see you this Friday for the next installment of Confessions of a Gothic Governess, wherein our heroine's luggage is lost, leaving her with nothing but a flimsy nightdress.