Monday, September 5, 2011

"The Golden Men"

It feels super to submit a fantasy short story again! Sent off "The Golden Men" to Daily Science Fiction just now! Here's to hoping!

About the Story:

In Haraggini, the princes prove their worthy by becoming golden men: severing their hands or tearing out their sides to replace them with living metal, which they must learn to control. But on the day that Arjunay is to become a man of gold, his world is destroyed by men of flesh.

A Taste!

"Well he knew what happened to one who did not tame the metal to his flesh. It was whispered among the Ahraji’s sons, late at night when such stories seem more real, that mad prince Hassim had not the patience to coax the wires through his flesh. He had blasphemed, so the story ran, and torn his hand from off the wrist, declaring that he would be flesh, not gold. But while he slept, the golden hand had crept on tip-tap fingers, and strangled Hassim in his sleep."

For those looking for help with titles, may I suggest two sites?

  • LuLu Title Scorer: Is your title a best-seller? Find out here!
  • Fictionalley Title Generator: A mad-libs way to get that title in the first place!
  • Enjoy! And happy writing!

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    1. Good luck on the sub! Sounds freakin' cool. And thanks for the "title generator" -- I'll definitely be using it with my creative writing students this year.