Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Play's the Thing

I've been woefully behind in my videography, in part because my computer crashed earlier this year, but in larger part because - since finding myself in the surprising position of being the proverbial starving artist this year, I've been up to my ears in work!

The good news is that I finally managed to get a single-camera version of A Comedy of Murders up on YouTube for your viewing pleasure! The play is a pastiche of those great Agatha Christie novels...if an audience member came up and objected to the ending.

It was first suggested to me by my brother, Peter, after we saw Shakespeare in the Park, Comedy of Errors here in Boston. As we were waiting on the common for all those silly people to clear out of the parking garage (rather than waiting in a stuffy car in the stuffier garage with them), we sat on a park bench and came up with improbable situations for possible plays. This one stuck.

Thanks go as well to my father, that bastion of suggestions, who - when I asked him for possible means of murder - came up with suggestions like "death by explosion" and "death by decapitation." When I laughed but objected to those, my father then proceeded to explain how it could be done technically.

And thanks most of all to the cast, the Sophomore Class, who performed A Comedy of Murders this past May 2011, and did a splendid job! It's a big ensemble piece, and it needs a little revision, but mostly it's a lot of fun killing off a bunch of people.

Especially killing off the ingenue.

A lot.

It's been a busy year. And since I'm a list kinda gal, this is what I've been doing since August 2010.

May-(Ending in) August 2010:
  • The Taming of the Shrew (Directed)
  • August-November 2010:
  • And Then There Were None (Director)
  • September 2010-March 2011:
  • Tartuffe (Directed: Full Play for November, Cut Version for Spring Festival Competition)
  • October 2010:
  • Little Shop of Horrors (Sound)
  • October 2010-May 2011:
  • Advanced Musical Theatre Class (Teacher/Director)
  • October 2010-
    December 2011:
    Scrooge: The Musical (Actor: The Spirit of Christmas Past)

    November 2010
    -March 2011:
    South Pacific (Vocal Coach/Sound)

    January-February 2011:
  • Curses! (Directed & Wrote)
  • No Boys Allowed (Presented as part of Curses!) (Directed & Wrote)
  • Crying Wolf (Also presented with Curses!) (Directed & Wrote)
  • January-April 2011:
  • Heirs & Errors (Directed & Wrote)

  • April-May 2011:
  • A Comedy of Murders (Directed & Wrote)
  • April-May 2011:
  • As You Like It (Directed)

  • As well as performing at teacher's recital at the Performing Arts Center of Metrowest in Framingham, MA on Valentine's Day, February 2011.

    I also had the opportunity to write:
  • St. Peter & Grandma stories (Theatre for Young Audience Plays, performed at Vacation Bible School June 2011 - see right)
  • Turn to Flesh (A 10-minute iambic pentameter play about the death of Medusa - not yet performed)
  • To the Dark Tower Came (A 30-minute verse play about the death of Childe Rowland - submitted to the Thornton Wilder Playwriting Competition through Playscripts)
  • And revising Act II of Cupid and Psyche (For a reading in Boston at the Factory Theatre in Feburary 2011)

  • I was also blessed with several performances of my plays:
  • The Nancy Curvin Playground Players performed Charming Princes sixteen times this summer, between July to August, 2011 in Geneva, NY!
  • Charming Princes also performed in Crown Point High School, Crown Point, Indiana (Feb. 2011), Holton-Arms School, Bethesda, MD (May 2011), and Fauquier Community Theatre, Warrenton, VA (June 2011)
  • Wallace's Will, meanwhile, performed at Berkmar High School, in Lilburn, GA (May 2011)
  • Math for Actors performed internationally in Christchurch, New Zealand June-July 2011)
  • Math for Actors also seems to have placed second at the Regional Humorous Duet Acting Forensics and Debate meet, representing Buffalo Grove, Buffalo Grove, Illinois (Feb. 2011) (I should probably contact Playscripts about this....)
  • The Passion Play, which is not yet officially published, performed by special arrangement in Dublin, Ireland (April 2011)

  • All I can say is...PHEW!!!


    1. Holy smokes! And I thought I was a busy woman. You have put me entirely in the dust, and I must therefore set aside my languishing tired artist persona and get to work. After all, I've got seven novels to publish in the next five years!

    2. That's quite a feat (seven novels/five years)! As for how busy I've's been a matter of living hand to mouth, really. And as Dolly Levi says, "If you're going to live hand to'd better be ambidextrous!"